DOLPHIN FRESCO  by iLia Anossov

detail_2dolphins.jpgI LA Designs, under the direction of Ilia Anossov, has recently completed a new fresco in a private home in Marina Del Rey. This is one of many recent fresco projects that I LA Designs has been commissioned to complete. The increase in demand for their expertise in the fresco technique speaks to a rebirth of interest among the public for this ancient form of art. Through their use of innovative and traditional techniques, I LA Designs has found themselves at the forefront of contemporary fresco production. The fresco in Marina Del Rey is another fine example of their skill.

Dolphin Fresco, reflection in the mirrorThe fresco is located in the downstairs guest bathroom of a private home. The image occupies an entire wall that measures 8 foot tall by almost 6 foot wide, opposite the sink. This is in no way I LA Designs largest fresco, but is still on a grand scale to those who have the privilege of viewing it. The picture depicts two dolphins jumping from the water. The composition is fitting as the house is so close to the Pacific Ocean that an open window provides the viewer with the sound of crashing waves. The blue sky and intense blue-green ocean of the background in this composition complements the color scheme of the rest of the bathroom which incorporates light hues of green and blue and the stark white of fine marble.

The two dolphins are depicted with a strong degree of realism. The dolphin in the fore ground is caught in the middle of a breach as it falls back toward the viewer. The second dolphin in the middle ground jumps toward the sky adding to the compositionsí overall feel of movement and action. The water splashes contrast the realism of the dolphins. The ocean splashes dramatically away from the dolphin but curls stylistically, bringing to mind influences of art deco. The foam on the waters surface seems to reference the dramatic movement of water in The Big Wave by Japanese artist Hokusai Katsuchika. A boarder of geometric spirals seems to echo the shapes of the walls below and adds a Mediterranean touch to the work.

Andrew Brosseit

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Artist - iLia Anossov, Fresco Plasterer - Ian Hardwick

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