DOLPHIN FRESCO  by iLia Anossov


Intonaco Application



One of the most kept secrets of fresco - the application of Intonaco (final painting plaster coat) (Fresco Lime Putty (calce Florentine)). Many established artists who's frescoes we adore where not aware of this simple system that has been developed centuries ago and kept as one of the most guarded secrets. Ironically this system is a common application technique in traditional lime plaster employed by plasterers around the world.

Ian Hardwick floats Intonaco coat before applying final painting skim-layer.

To achieve perfect attachment between the layers, consistent density and flatness of the plaster, Intonaco as well as the preceding arriccio (float coat) (Arriccio Fresco Lime Putty) are applied in two layers with about 15-30 min intervals. First layer of Intonaco is consolidated and "flattened" with a small wooden float before final "Intonaco Skim" is applied.





The final skim-layer went on in minutes and the plaster is almost ready to paint...

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