DOLPHIN FRESCO  by iLia Anossov


Plain-Air Fresco Studio



A makeshift fresco studio has been setup in the front yard of the house. You can see paint jars with paste form fresco pigments (Fresco Pigment Set). Bowls ready for mixing color tones, brushes, etc. There is no worry about contaminating the environment with ANY of the true fresco material - high calcium lime the same as we use in agriculture for enriching the soil and in medicine for heartburn medications and dietary supplements, the same stuff our bones are made off... True Fresco pigments are all earth oxides and minerals that come from the soil itself. Distilled water for mixing color and plaster.




Andrew grinds "Bianco di San Vincenca" (white earth)  - yes, white earth - that stuff we see on the ground... and yes, with distilled water. That is it! No solvents, No binders! Calcium within lime plaster will bind the colors to the wall for centuries!

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